IF I Was…. with Raahil Azim

He is the favourite Haatim for all generations! We’ve seen him as the cunning, yet darkly handsome husband of Pooja in the show Yeh Meri Life Hai…This talented and versatile actor is now back and assures his fans that he will surely be seen in new roles…. Now, we talk to this actor Raahil Azim and put him on the hot seat with some rapid fire situations….

IF I was to make a serial, then the theme would be: Male oriented subjects which will be loved by housewives..

If I was to lock one television personality in the Big Boss house, it would be: (Laughs) I would probably lock all the Producers in….

IF I was to give a makeover to one television personality, it would be: All look good. But if i have to, then i would give myself a makeover..

If I was given a day without rules, the first thing I would do is: I would never get up from bed… I love to sleep….

If I was given super powers like Krish, the first thing I would do is: I would visit my mom everyday who stays in Bangalore..

IF I was not an actor, i would be: A Software Engineer

IF I was to give a Message to my Fans, that would be: Always Believe you are the Best, because only when you believe this, you will be better than the rest!!

Whether it’s locking all the producers in the Big Boss house or using his computer skills, Raahil has certainly wowed his fans with his dark characters in television serials. We hope to see him doing very well in the future!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

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