Manava Naik continues to shoot in spite of her viral fever

IManava Naik, who plays a Punjabi Kudi Manjeet in Zee’s Teen Bahuraniyan has proved herself to be a true professional. The past few days have been not so good for her after taking to severe viral and high temperature.
Manava has been advised by the doctor to take the much needed rest for her speedy recovery. But the girl is out shooting and says, “I have my commitments and it is not fair that the production of the serial suffer in any way because of me. The producers are very understanding and I was off work for sometime but kept feeling guilty and reported to work when I felt a little better.”
Apparently the whole team is busy looking after the sick dame, so much so that her director even does Reiki for her on the sets.
Well, Manava enjoy the attention while it lasts!

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