Kasamh Se… Jaya Bhattacharya gets the boot !

It pays to be loyal. However, Jaya Bhattarcharya’s loyalty to Balaji hasn’t yielded the desired results. The actress, who had replaced Ashwini Kalsekar in Kasamh Se, has been unceremoniously dumped from the show. Surprisingly, the production house didn’t even deem it fit to inform this to her. Worse, the actress just got to know this from a friend of hers. Apparently, Jaya is being replaced by the same person (Ashwini Kalsekar), from whom she took over as Jigyasa.

We spoke to Jaya who isn’t somehow didn’tsound disappointed at all. In fact, she laughed it out and said, “It’s no big loss and I am not going to cry about it. Perhaps, I would have appreciated if they conducted this in a professional way.” says Jaya.

On being quizzed whether this will affect her equation with Ashwini Kalsekar, she sighs that this issue will not affect their friendship. “I am sure its difficult for her and as such, both of us are caught in a catch-22 situation. I hold no grudge against her and after all, she’s the original Jigayasa”.

Jaya admitted speaking to Ekta Kapoor but refused to divulge the details of the meeting.

In spite of this jolt, the actress is all pleased with her current roles, especially, with her character in Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Asma. While there may be an odd aberration in her career, the actress is all at peace with her life. Though, she may no longer be in the company of her co-stars in I, Jaya finds joy in the company of her four German Shepherds.
Known to be an avid animal lover, the actress prays that one day she shall fulfill her dream of building an animal hospital. While Balaji may have betrayed her, trust Jaya Bhattacharya to fulfill her kasam (promise) for her needy animals.


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