I love to read murder mysteries: Sadiya Siddiqui

Sadiya Siddiqui, an actress who has witnessed the changing phase of television and bollywood has been around for the last fifteen years. She rose to fame with Banegi Apni Baat and later went on to do a film with Rajat Kapoor and Meghna Gulzar..

Currently, the actress is being seen in Saath Phere and Saathi Re. But apart from her acting career not many know that she’s an acclaimed Kathak dancer and a voracious reader of books.

She says, “Books are man’s best friend and I am so obsessed with reading that I carry a book with me wherever I go. Even on the sets of my show I try to read.

So, what is she currently reading?

“I read books of all genres encompassing mysteries, psychology, health, anatomy, history, philosophy and religion. But I can’t stand mushy romance like Mills and Boons, not that I’m against it but I like mature love stories, “says Sadiya.

Sadiya is intrigued with the way a human mind functions and that was the reason behind her choosing to do her masters in psychology and not literature. She likes to read books based on the human psyche. Her best books have been “I never promised you a Rose Garden” by Joanne Greenberg “100 years of solitude by Gabriel Marquis, and she has also read most of the Urdu classics.

Sadiya’s encounter with reading started when she was a school girl with her love for comics like Superman and Batman, gradually moving onto murder mysteries and detective stories. Sadiya was such a voracious reader that she would read an entire novel in a day. Sadiya is an ace scuba diver, she is looking forward to link her diving passion to her reading by penning short stories relating to ocean pollution and its background would be a love story between two scuba divers.

“I’m a very enthusiastic reader but due to my busy schedule I’m hard pressed for time and writing short stories is also in the pipe line but looking at my work load it’ll take a considerable amount of time. I squeeze in time between shoots to read but I can’t fully concentrate on it and so I read only thin books now which I can possibly complete in a day or two,” chirps Sadiya.

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