I was offered the role of Shabd in Maayka-Ajay Krish.

Kabhi haan kabhi naa, that was what Ajay Krish was saying to himself and the Mamta team before the leap took place. Apprehensive asto whether he would be able to play an older version of Sid, Ajay finally said yes. And how is he fairing? Lets find out from this dashing actor himself.

How has the environment changed after Neha and Krish left?

Its been very sad. We’re all missing Neha and Krishu.. Krish is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. He’s grown up in front of us. On the last day of his shoot, I came on the set, Krishu ran towards me and gave me a hug. I actually broke down that day. And about Neha, well, she’s made her choice. She needed a break. We all took breaks in between. Neha was the only one working from day one.

Your comments on the generation leap?

Its only me and Andy on the sets from the previous generation. Everyone else is new. Even the creative team changed again. It will take a while to adjust with everyone.

Do you think the Sid – Mamta chemistry will be created again with you and Narayani?

Neha and I got along well. There was great understanding between us. Our chemistry as actors clicked well, which made things easy. As fas as Narayani is concerned, she is a fabulous actress, we will have to work on re-creating Sid and Mamta chemistry as I haven’t worked with her before. But I am sure that in due course of time, we will work things out.

Talking about the show, what went wrong? In the last one year, every character hit rock bottom at some point.

The story had its share of flaws. Mamta’s, Akshay’s and Sid’s character were butchered. Akshay and Sid were negative and then positive again. Sid was completely lost after his return. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know what was going on. He became negative and then positive and had his share of love interests, but then was always a loner in the end.

Talking about Sid’s broken love interest, Congratulations for finally getting married on the show.

(laughter) well, Sid was married early too. But yes, he is settled now. I pity that guy, first he had Mamta, then Anamilka, then Masuma, then Mamta again. Its been one roller coaster for him.

And what about your link ups with all your female co stars? You were linked up to almost all the female actresses of the show.

Oh gosh, I am so paranoid with that. The media has been linking me up with everyone. First Neha and then Neha Marda who was playing my sister, and then Masuma. I wasn’t linked up with Anamika, well may be because she was on for a short time. But yea, I don’t know where people cook up stories from, I wouldn’t be surprised if some channel links me up with the girl who is playing my daughter in the show. (laughter )

Are we going to hear wedding bells in real life too?

May be end of this year or starting of next year. (Pause)

Go on..

I am not going to reveal more than that right now.

How is it playing a father to a 20 year old?

It is difficult. Playing a father to a little boy like Krish was easy. I am trying hard to play a grown up guy. I’ve tried to work with my appearance on screen and trying to act like a father.

Any new projects coming up?

Well, I am talking to a few people right now. I cant really talk about it till things are confirmed. But yea, I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to talk about this that I was offered the role of Shabd in Maayka. But the reason I opted out was that it was the same channel. Production houses manage the dates well with two shows running, but when it comes to different production houses, dates clash and it just gets messed up. I’ve seen my co actors facing that problem, so decided to opt out of it.

Any special moment you remember from all this while in Mamta?

Well, my most favourite is the scene before the accident, where I hand over Mamta’s hand to Akshay and the temple scene with Mamta during Sid and Mamta’s trip to Pune.

We keep hearing about how you, Anand, Neha get into a fight with each other and the production house, and the sets heat up almost every day, is that true?

Ha, no way. We all get along fine. Anand and I have never had any issues whatsoever. And with the production house too. Come on ya, there are arguments here and there whereever you work, but the way a few newspapers have put it, it has been completely blown out of proportion.

You were skeptical about the leap. We got information time to time about Neha and Anand staying or going, but you were absolutely quiet about the leap.

Yea, I was really not sure. Infact this my first interview regarding the leap. I wanted to be a part of the leap, only if the story is promising. And as far the story is acceptable, everything’s cool.

Coming back to the story, answer the following:

Where is Masuma – No idea

Is she coming back – I honestly don’t know

Who was shot in the fight sequence before the leap –
No clue. Well, Sid and Akshay are on TV, so we aren’t shot, don’t know if they killed Masuma or she’ll be back.

Why was Mamta in and out of Sid’s house more than five times in two weeks? –
that’s the story, like I said, her character hit rock bottom.

Well, we are not done yet as Ajay Krish has sent an Exclusive Message to his fans in India Forums…

Sadly, Ajay Krish does not seem to be enchanted with the way the story is progressing or playing a father to a 20 year old. We only hope that the creative team now really work to come up with a stellar storyline. We wish all the best to this suave actor for his upcoming projects.

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt

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