Kyunki comeback for Tulsi

Smriti Irani is likely to return to Kyunki, days after leaving it dramatically, sources said. Smriti left the serial last week, being replaced by Gautami Kapoor who was brought in following ‘plastic surgery’ on Tulsi.

But Smriti, who played India’s most popular TV role for seven years, may well now be brought in with another twist of the plot in which Gautami turns out to be Tulsi’s missing sister. Originally played by Resham Tipnis, the character of Kesar (married to Aman) has been missing from the serial for over a year. Kesar’s vague exit has left the door open for Gautami to take her avatar and for Tulsi to return, the source said.

Kyunki’s scriptwriter Mrinal said when Smriti was leaving, Balaji Telefilms had portrayed that as “taking a break” and so “there are chances of her coming back though I cannot tell you how and when that will be.” When asked if the Kesar angle was being probed by the writers, Mrinal said: “I have not heard anything along these lines, and we have had no talks on this.”

“For July at least we will be focusing on how there are problems between four generations of the Viraani family. Eklavya will be the extreme voice of the younger generation.”

Gautami’s husband Ram Kapoor, who plays Kasam Se’s hunky Jai Walia, will enter Kyunki, but not soon, Mrinal said. This week, Mrinal said, “Tulsi will go to Haridwar in search of Mihir. There we do not want to play around with her new identity. After reaching Haridwar she will try to convince Mihir to return home.”

Smriti Irani had a spat with Kyunki boss Ekta Kapoor and left to take charge full time at her home production on Sony, Viruddh. That show has been appreciated by urban audiences but hasn’t made too much of an impact on ratings.

Sonali Joshi

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