Back with a Bang, Comes Sonia!

Sonia, better known as Antra in Star Plus serial, Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan is now back in action after a brief hiatus. Sonia got popular among viewers for playing the ever-scheming, wicked bahu Antra in Kumkum. An excited Sonia now seems to be treading on the same path as she has signed few new shows, keeping this very image in mind.

She will soon be seen in Sahara One’s serial Doli Sajaake. She is currently doing a cameo in Saath Phere. The list has not ended yet, as the viewers will see her in Star One’s Sshh Koi Hai, where she will be seen in the one and half hour special – Gunghru.

Now when Sonia has bagged such new roles, will she be seen again in Kumkum? Well, let us get answers for our queries from Sonia herself..

You are handling four shows right now? Is it too much to handle?

Sonia: Well, I am on and off shooting for Saath Phere, as it is a Cameo. I have started shooting for Doli Sajake. The shoot for Ghunghru was also short. As far as Kumkum is concerned, yes, I will be back there too.. But there is a bit of time left for my re-entry in Kumkum. The recent track of Nivi should end. Only then will Antra get back..

Well, now that we know you are getting back in Kumkum, how will your return take place?

Sonia: I don’t know much about the story as of now. I have been approached by the Production House and we are still talking things out. But I can tell you that with my entry, there will be a love triangle shown between Dhruv, Sia and Antra. But Antra, I guess, will continue to be negative…

With these good projects in hand, Sonia is sure to carve a mark for herself in Tellydom. What more does she want, as she will be back yet again to torture her Saas, Kumkum… So get ready to see Sonia in Action!!!

Reporter: Ankuhujulover

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