Analysis of music reality shows this week

SaReGaMaPa this week saw a new Maha Guru – Anandji Bhai of Kalyanji-Anandji duo. That he has a very good sense of humor was evident when, while declaring Wasi’s ouster, advised him that he should have sung “Dukhi Man Mere”. Little did he realize that his next judgment was actually going to send another contestant Shreshta into singing that song !

Again this week the centre of this Judge-“Mental”-Error was none other than “Maiya Magic Girl” Mouli. I am sure by now the other contestants and the audiences across the globe want to know just one thing from Mouli -“Kaisa Jadoo Daala re”! It was the “Chakravyuh” round and from the remaining contestants two boys and two girls had to break the “Chakravyuh” and enter the Agnipariksha round. While most took the Abhimanyu route, all the Gurus’ made sure to see that Mouli doesn’t follow the challenging path and gets to break the Chakravyuh!! Mouli gave a good performance but the Rock Gharana contestant Shreshta was way better than her. And Himesh, instead of making her “Roti” secure , went ahead to make the arrangement for Mouli by supporting the “Theology” being followed in this contest, that one who is Popular should go to the next round.

That Anandji Bhai gave a wrong decision was possibly evident to him too. No wonder he immediately went up on stage to console Shreshta. Personally, I am at a loss to understand the “Glittering” remark by Bappida that, Shresta chose the wrong song “O lal Meri” for this round, as it’s a common song which has been sung by many in live concerts. Bappida, when did this flaw Less_“Logic” become the criteria for selection of songs for the contestants in a contest!!

Performance wise the contestants were outstanding, especially the boys. It was really disappointing to see some really talented ones getting eliminated because of some other brilliant performances. And yes, the silver lining in all the “Errors” was the promise of Vishal Shekhar to offer a break in their V&S label to six participants, a record of sorts in the reality musical show world!

Similar Judge-“Mental” flaws could be seen even in SVOI this week. SVOI this week failed to live upto the Talent Hype it had created in the last two weeks. The performances were not too good. Sumitra somehow failed to create the same magic in both of her performances this week. She was very mediocre in her second performance. Yet, seeing the behavior of few Judges there, almost gives a feeling that maybe SVOI will be having the next “Maiya Magic Girl” . Ishmit too gave a lifeless performace in ‘patta patta’ in the second round, but his above avarage performance the day earlier saw him through to the next round. Arvind was the third to make the list of the final 12, beating an out of tune Rohit for the third place. Sumitra in ASOI
However, the worse part was, in order to take a dig at another show,
Adesh went overboard by using the “Roti” issue to put Arvind on a very high pedestal even though he gave a very normal “Bit out of Sur” performance.

The ratings given by the judges are showing too much of disparity in SVOI. Seems even they are giving judgments based on many other issues other than only singing. Sometime they are more concerned with other show’s Judge’s comments or contestant’s performance, while some are making the judgment based on their favorite composer or singer, resulting into this disparity.

Possibly, Indian Idol is the only show which gave some solace from all this. It was the results week and went off very calmly too with some really good performances and decisions. A week full of “Fun and Frolics” that’s what it was for Indian Idol.

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