Abhir-Bhumi affair in Kyunki…

The latest twist in Kyunki will see Abhir (Vikas Sethi) and Bhumi (Reshmi Ghosh) getting closer and having an intimate relationship. Abhir is married to Archita (Gunjan) and Bhumi to Joydeep (Manav Vij).

Explaining the track Mrinal, scriptwriter of the show, says, “Now that the Tulsi drama is over, the younger generation will take centre stage. The Bhumi-Abir love affair will blossom. The two had planned that Abhir will deliberately marry her sister Archita so that he will be close to Bhumi.”

“There will be some intimate scenes between Bhumi and Abir,” reveals Mrinal adding, “Joydeep and Archita are unaware of Abir’s plan and to solve the matter, Tulsi will have to step in.”

“In the meantime, Joydeep will become very aggressive when he comes to know of the affair, which will last for at least a month.”

The other track which will run simultaneously is that of Eklavya-KT-Lakshya.

“Later in the serial we are also planning to bring Tulsi’s old enemies like Mandira and Meera,” says Mrinal.

Meanwhile, Tulsi and Baa have gone to Haridwar to meet Mihir who is staying in one of the Ashrams. Mihir, Tulsi and Baa will come back together to Shantiniketan.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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