Chhavi’s food dilemma

Chhavi Mittal of Viraasat has been having a string of hardships for almost a month now. With her debit card getting cancelled consequently putting her in a awkward position, now she has food dilemma at home, because apparently her maid has left. But luck seemed to be on her side when her mom dropped in to visit her all the way from Delhi. Apparently she was more than overjoyed all the more because this happened to be the first time her mother was visiting her after Chhavi’s marriage. Call it perfect timing or a great coincidence. And her food crisis although temporarily, was solved.

“I’m a fairly decent cook. My husband also helps me in the kitchen. He tells me what to add and what not to but its difficult suddenly after my maid has left. But now since my mom is here things will definitely get easier,” says Chhavi.

Well what does the man of the house have to say, “Yeah I advise her sometimes because I cook pretty well. Both of us are usually busy throughout the day. So we need to adjust managing the house and shoots. It can get really hectic.” Says Mohit.

Looks like its ghar ka khana all the way for Chhavi

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