Watch Vasudha in a New Avtar in Virrudh!!

Virrudh, Har Rishta Ek Kurukshetra now sees a new twist as Vasudha gets back to the family she disowned, What does the Future have in store for Dainik Darpan? Will Vasudha save it? Read on!!

Life stands still for Vasudha as she sees Dainik Darpan godown burning, before her eyes. Vasudha takes a bold stand that she will see to it that the edition of Dainik Darpan resumes in a a day and that all starts again….What’s more, Vasudha is informed by the investigating officer that Dhirendra was shot from Sushant’s gun…

This week sees more turns as the Expected happens!! Sushant gets arrested and a helpless Uttara seeks Vasudha’s help. Vasudha gets back to her siblings, but not to her father… But will Vasudha have a changed heart towards Dhirendra? Watch on to see Vasudha in a new avtar, this week. She is cold towards Sushant but arranges for his bail thro’ Vedika.

Vasudha needs to organize money to save Dainik Darpan, but the only option left out is to mortgage the Raisinghania House, which is in her name…. Will Vasudha be able to steady the sailing ship of Dainik Darpan?

Stay tuned to Virrudh Monday-Thursday, June 25th to 28th, 9.30 p.m. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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