Patients’ Loss is Indian Idol’s Gain – Meiyang Chang

All hearts are broken, all girls are ‘Fida’ watching the Dentist singing. Yes, no points for guessing, we are indeed talking about the Chinese Connection in Indian Idol, Meiyang Chang. With his pleasing smile, good looks and good nature, Chang is now known as the ‘Most Popular Guy’ amongst the contestants and crew. What’s more, the audience loves him too and he is one of the favourites of the viewing public…It is the first time a dentist is on the show showing his singing skills, but one with a Chinese connection too. “I am an Indian” points out the fourth generation Chinese. Of course he is. Just listen to him belting out Hindi songs with perfect pronunciation. Even Javed Akhtar is impressed.

Whatever he be, Indian or Chinese, the fact remains that some people back home are going to live with the pain of losing a good dentist. So can we say, “The patients’ Loss is Indian Idol’s Gain?”

Author: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: PM Sree

Author Srividya Rajesh

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