Parvati’s home, but the Kahaani is far from over!

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’s much awaited climax was shown yesterday as Janaki Devi (Sakshi Tanwar) was finally revealed as Parvati Agrawal. Also was revealed how the whole plot was made by Shruti and Parvati to trap Trishna Agrawal who finally admits that she is Om and Krishna’s killer. Trishna is taken to jail and the favourite bahu of Agrawals Paravati is back in her Agrawal house. With everything hunky-dory in the Agarwal house, will the serial continue or is it time for it to wind up?

We spoke to Sonali Jhaffer, script writer

“No the serial won’t go off the air as viewers are liking the serial very much and it’s base less to talk about the serial going off the air. Now there will be celebration in the Agrawal house as wicked Krishna goes to jail. Parvati’s first job is to settle all her grand children and her first priority will be to find out missing Chotu who is Gayatri’s son and Paravati’s grandson. Chotu will be connected to Trishna and the audience will be shocked to know under what circumstances Chotu will be found. Parvati will come to know the truth of Suyash Mehra and that will be disclosed by Narayani Devi (Aruna Irani). The most important twist which will come later in a week’s time will be that Pranay, Shruti’s son will be a loser in business and this will turn him to a negative character.

So when will Trishna come back from jail? “She will come back but when and how, I won’t tell.”

Will there be another leap? “No not soon as it will take two years for it to happen.”

The audience will find more Kahaanis in Parvati’s and her grandchildren’s lives till then.

Top 5 wicked things that Trishna Agrawal has done

Killed Om Agrawal, and accused Parvati of murder trying to prove that she is mentally ill.
Killed Krishna Agrawal, who was her stepson as he got to know the truth about her. She killed him with the help of Rageshwari and once again she put the blame on Parvati.
She ill-treated her husband Kamal and tried to prove that he was mentally ill.
She ill-treated elderly people in the house and considered them as a burden. She also made them do the most menial of household work.
At time of Om ‘s first death anniversary Trishna had thrown a party in which beer was thrown on Om’s photo.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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