Kasauti crew hails Shweta’s professionalism

Shweta Tiwari aka Prerna Bajaj, who came to shoot for Kasautii Zindagi Kay yesterday (June 18) despite her personal problems, was absolutely normal and shot for her scenes like any other day at work.

Abhishek, Executive Producer of the show, said, “She was not at all tense and was concentrating on the script. Whatever may be the problem, we are supporting her. In fact it was unanimously decided that no one will ask her anything about the issue. We all know Shweta is a very professional actress and that’s exactly how she behaved yesterday.”

The other co-actors who were present for the shoot were Kartika aka P2 and Mridul aka Verdhan.

While Mridul did not comment on this issue, Kartika only reiterated what Abhishek said. “She was normal and behaving as if nothing happened. I really appreciate her as an actor and human being, what else can I say?”

On being asked if Shweta is coming for shoot today (June 19), Abhishek said, “No. She is not coming today as she doesn’t have any shot.”

Well, Shewta Tiwari seems to be behaving like a true professional.

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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