Jasveer Kaur enters Maayka

Maayka is now poised on a cliched but interesting twist – the entry of an ex flame who will create ripples in the already turbulent marriage of Shabd and Mahi, promising to cause some more pulsating tension.

Jasveer Kaur has made a sensational entry in Zee TV Maayka with her hip-hop and revealing looks. She is playing Suhani’s character who is Shabd’s (Vivan Bathena) ex-girlfriend.

She is really excited to do this role as she will get to play what she is in real life. Jasveer is thrilled that she will be wearing all the trendy outfits (backless top, short skirts etc.). This would mean she would be in direct contrast with the middle class traditional Mahi ( Neha Bamb). So is this going to be another traditional vs modern theme, where modern somehow means mini skirts and revealing blouses ? Wish the directors would rather introduce some modern thinking rather than outfits into the shows !

The scene starts with her entry inside the temple where she bangs into Shabd and his wife Mahi (Neha Bamb). She is surprised to see him married. On the other hand Mahi goes into a shock when she gets to know about Shabd’s affair and Suhani’s body gestures with Shabd.

Director, Rajan Shahi, is very confident of her entry in show. So keep watching Maayka to know how much chutzpah this bubbly actress brings into her role as Suhani.

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