‘I tolerated drunk Raja for two years’

Shweta Tiwari says violent Raja was jealous. Tiwari said she drew the line on her husband’s misbehaviour last week after months of torture.

“Three days back, Raja became violent because he felt I was coming late from my shoot and was not paying any attention to him and our
daughter Palak,” a weak Shweta said through her tears, “We quarreled for an hour over this. There is a limit to everything. I tolerated
him for two years but now I have run out of patience.” The actress, who plays Prerna Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagi Kay, has left her husband
and moved in with her aunt.

“I am staying with my masi,” she said. Her complaint against Raja at Malad police station on Saturday brought the media to their door and while she spoke little or not at all, her estranged husband’s aggressive behaviour on television illuminated her problem.

For now Prerna has filed a non-congnisable office, which means Raja will not be arrested. Shweta blames Raja’s heavy drinking for the decline in their relationship. “He used to be a chain smoker and a drunk. He quit smoking but continued drinking,” she said, “our relationship came to a halt during Nach Baliye 2. He felt insecure after he wasn’t able to dance properly.”

After reaching the last 4 in the competition, the couple pulled out after Raja was hospitalised with a liver ailment. Shweta says she had tried, much like her character Prerna Bajaj, to be a model housewife. “My going to the police happened after seven years of marriage but I couldn’t take it any longer.”

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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