Bored Tina will exit Kahaani…

Tina Parekh (Shruti Kaul in Kahanii Ghar Ghar Ki) will leave the serial in a few days’ time, she says.”I am bored,” says Tina, “and I’m leaving the show because for four years I’ve been busy only with Kahani. For a while, I did the role of Mukti in Kasauti for a change of pace but even that ended suddenly.”

Now she is poised to leave Kahaani, also in dramatic fashion. “I want to die in the serial,” she says. Tina doesn’t know how her end is to be scripted, and the writers of the serial are unwilling to let her go because of her popularity. She plays a critical role, being Parvati’s daughter. Her role’s climax came last week when she was ‘shot dead’ by her mother to Trishna’s joy, but rose after it was revealed that the shooting was just a set-up meant to send Trishna to jail.

Balaji was circumspect about her exit: “Shruti will not die early and as we have still to write the script, she may not die at all. It’s not been decided and we don’t want her to leave the serial,” a source said.

A hint of her exit was scripted into the serial in Tuesday’s show, when Trishna came up with the stunning revelation that Pranay was not Shruti’s son. This is likely to lead to her breaking down and then exiting, it is believed.

Tina said her time with the serial was memorable for her and her fame had come entirely because of her portrayal of Shruti.

We asked her what her top 3 moments on the show were and she said:

1: “I liked all my scenes with Parvati, and she’s my favourite co-star”
2: “When my father Om Agarwal slapped me after learning of my links
with Aryan Doshi”
3: “When I broke down completely in front of Janki Devi”

Dhanashri Kulkarni

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