Ashwini denies returning to Kasamh Se; for now though!

Trust actress Ashwini Kalsekar to guard her secrets very well. So, while close friend Jaya Bhattacharya has admitted to being replaced by her in the show, a diplomatic Ashwini chose to break her silence in an exclusive chat with us.
“Nothing is confirmed as yet. I haven’t had any meeting with the production house nor have I spoken to the press.” says Ashwini. The vamp says that things will clear in the next 48 hours and she will make an official announcement by Monday.

Expressing her surprise at some media reports, story, the vamp laments the fact that often times, she has been misquoted in certain sections of the press. She says, “It was even reported that I was making a comeback to CID” chides Ashwini.

Set aside the Kasamh Se imbroglio, Ashwini is all excited about her association with Zee’s Parivaar. Without divulging too many details, the vamp says that she is yet to be on the sets.

“I just know that I’ll be playing a lawyer but I don’t know who is going to be my client in the serial,” she says.

She signs off assuring us that she’ll give her final word on Kasamh Se in a few days. So, for the time being, all Jigayasa fans can just keep their fingers crossed


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