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Karan Patel, who plays rock star Robby Sabharwal in Kasturi, talks about his dreams of directing, making others happy and an embarrassing moment in front of the international music industry’s biggest stars. Karan was previously seen in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kesar, Kasautii Zindagi Kay, Kkvayanjalii and Kasamh Se.

Karan Vs Robby
I like socializing a lot – meeting people and partying. I don’t like sitting at one place because I get very restless. I’m quite similar to the character I’m playing right now. I’m a rock star in a way because my lifestyle has a lot of people around me. I just hate being alone.

I’m very similar to Robby as far his attitude towards life is concerned. He’s carefree. At the same time he is very confident and so am I. I know what I want and what I am doing. Even if I don’t know what I’m doing, I have the confidence to make sure that what I do turns out to be the right choice for me.

As far as Robby’s arrogance and total disrespect for women is concerned that’s something totally opposite to me. That’s not how I am and that’s not how the character is right now. The new Robby and I are very similar.

Off-screen, Karan can’t stand rock music:
I don’t listen to rock music at all! In fact I don’t listen to any kind of foreign music. All I’m really fond of is our Indian music. It could be from films, an album or ghazals- anything from our country.

Karan loves making people happy and one day aspires to do it on a big scale by becoming a film maker.
I hate being sad and also to see people sad around me. Somewhere down the line I think it depresses me so I make sure that everyone around me is having a good time. That helps me have a good time indirectly. I am a problem solver in some way or the other.

I plan to venture into films but right now it’s too early to think about it. Mumbai is a very stressful city and all over the world life has become very stressful for everyone. I want to make a film in such a way that when people come to a theatre they can carry their troubles in with them but when they leave the cinema I want to make sure they forget their worries and walk out in a happy mood. They should have forgotten their problems for the past 3 hours and at least for the next three days to come.

Down the line film making is what I eventually want to do and I will inshallah.

He has even written several scripts
I do a lot of writing and write a lot of scripts. They can be made into films but not out and out commercial, masala types. A few of them are very dark stories, some are lighthearted, some short romantic stories and others are 4-5 stories running parallel to each other. I am a very moody writer and I pen down what’s in my head.

Besides acting, Karan is passionate about horse riding
I do a lot of horse riding. I was trained at the Mahalaxmi race course and was 13 when I started my classes. I own horses myself and think that riding is only dangerous if you push your luck too hard. If you know how to do it then it isn’t dangerous. If you’re not familiar but you jump on a horse and try to do stunts, then you might just end up breaking your back. However, if you’re formally trained and take the proper precautions then I don’t think it’s risky at all. You have to remember that a horse is an animal after all. So you can never predict what it will do. Fortunately, I have never had any accidents.

I also like going for a lot of outdoor holidays. When I go holidaying, I am more of an adventurous person rather than a shopaholic. I like trekking, rock climbing and riding.

On his family…My dad used to be a model in his younger days and then he joined the family business. Since then he’s been taking care of our business empire and I’ve been building my acting career. My mom and my dad are both very supportive. Choosing acting as a profession has never been a problem.

On the sets of Kasturi…It will sound very clichéd because everyone says that the cast is like one big family but I wouldn’t say we are like a family but rather we’re a bunch of very close friends having fun together. Everybody likes what they’re doing and we try to help each other out. It results in a fabulous show. The output for Kasturi is brilliant.

In our free time we carry our laptops, our iPods and our portable games. We have all sorts of fun. We play games, listen to music and watch movies. It’s very chilled out, like a picnic

Karan’s most embarrassing moment
I go to London very often. I’m there almost every year for a fortnight. I remember the year before last I was there with my friends and we went to this nightclub called China White. I’m not fond of English music so I don’t know these pop stars and hip hop stars; I know just a few big names because they keep flashing at me everyday. We were sitting down at a table and on the next one, Jennifer Lopez happened to be seated. Everyone went gaga and I too recognized her face because she is Jennifer Lopez. Then someone said ‘Oh there’s Puff Daddy as well’. I didn’t know who he was so I didn’t even realize he was facing me and he could hear what I was saying. I ask my friend loudly, ‘Who the hell is Puff Daddy man?’ You should have seen the look on that guy’s face! He was about to get up and sock me! That was the most embarrassing moment in my life so far.

He gave me a look as if to say ‘Is this guy mad! He doesn’t know who Puff Daddy is and he’s sitting in a London club!’ He must have thought this is some damn Indian who’s come here for ‘holyday’ (in the true Gujarati sense!).

That was embarrassing; really embarrassing!

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